The Rambling Fermata

No individual that has lived or will ever live can be summed up in only a succinct and brief biography; But what's the harm in trying?
Musicology major. Cellist. Player of various folk instruments. Shower singer. Ever-curious knowlege-seeker. Disney fan. Fermata. Spiritual agnostic theist. Studying Eclectic Paganism. Lover of beautiful things. Talks to flowers. Distracted by squirrels. Reclusive socialite. Sufferer of chronic impostor syndrome; temporarily curable by cuddles and tea.
Jesus:Make sure nobody is poor
Everyone:So like industrial capitalism?


raise your hand if you have felt personally victimized by David Popper


Elder:Please can we document our lessons?
Me:I don't want there to be a paper trail of our meetings though...
Elder:You don't have to use your name though... pick something else.
Me:A pseudo-name?
Elder:Yeah, we could go with something biblical...
Elder:How about Bathsheba?

So Far On My Journey I’ve Gained:

Faith in a higher power, faith in and an outlet for the feminine divine, a greater consciousness for nature and the passing of the seasons, a greater knowledge base of various religions, a knowledge base of various herbs and plants, a deeper connection to my mother, and being less afraid of bees.

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